Curry – A Powerful Source of Health and Flavor

Whenever someone mentions curry, people usually think about India. This spice that comes in the form of powder originates from India, but people all over the world can buy it in their local stores. Curry is, in fact, a mixture of spices known as masala. Every Indian chef has their own special mixture of spices and there is no exact recipe for this mixture.

Some of the main ingredients of curry include cumin, ginger, chili, bay leaf, black pepper, turmeric, mustard, cloves, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and many other…

It is interesting to point out that the hottest curry is made in Chennai (at least when it comes to India).

Curry – A Powerful Source of Health and Flavor

Curry is probably the most common spice in the popular Indian cuisine and it is used for many sauces which usually include coconut milk, yogurt and lemon juice too.

It is believed that curry has the ability to cure cancer too. Medicinal properties of curry are well-known among Indian people. Curry has strong antibacterial properties, improves blood flow, and strengthens the immunity. This spice is packed with proteins and can do wonders for the digestive system.

It is especially good in protecting brain cells. It is a well-known fact that the number of people who are suffering from dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease in India is very low. Many scientists believe that curry can eliminate cancer.

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