Water Fitness – A Great Way To Get In Shape

Water fitness (also known as aquatic fitness) is more than effective and fun way to shape your body and improve overall health.

Today, there are many different exercises that can be performed in the water – aqua yoga, running in the water, water aerobics etc. here’s a short list of things that will encourage you to try this type of exercise and select the right one.

Find a suitable class

Ask your friends or use the Internet to find out whether you can take group classes in some water fitness activities near the place you live. Since this activity is getting quite popular, this task should not be difficult. A few years ago, water aerobics classes consisted only of standard aerobic exercises, but today they are very advanced, so you can try tai chi or yoga in the water too. There are also three different types of aquatic exercises. The first one is when the exercise is performed when the water level is to the chest, the second when the water is only to a foot or lower leg level and finally, when the water level is higher than your own height. In the latter option, students use some equipment as a support. Each water level is in fact increasing the level of comfort in the water.

Check the certifications and qualifications of the trainers

Look for classes organized and monitored by qualified and trained instructors who know exactly what they are doing and how to get the maximum from each exercise. With the help of a qualified instructor, you can expect vigorous exercise, good music and fun choreography.

Water Fitness – A Great Way To Get In Shape

How can water fitness burn calories?

If we compare water fitness with regular fitness, we will see that water fitness is much better for getting in shape and for burning calories. You may not burn as many calories as you would with running, but the amount is certainly not insignificant. You will burn the approximate number of calories as during brisk walking or aerobics with lower intensity. If you believe that you need more cardio exercises, you can run in the pool where the water is shallowest at the end of the class.

The benefits of exercise in the water

Most of these exercises can be performed without problems and as a matter of fact most of them are much easier to perform when you are in the water because when you are walking and running in the water your knees and hips are under lower pressure, but if you need to strengthen your bones this is probably not the perfect exercise.

Water fitness is especially recommended for those who are recovering from an injury because in most cases you can exercise without fear that you will harm any part of the body that is recovering.

Finally, we’ve got one last advice. Before you begin with every water fitness class, make sure to visit the toilet because physical activity increases kidney function. The kidneys discharge up to 7 times more urine while we are in the water. In addition, drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.

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