Walnuts and Honey – A Delicious Natural Remedy

In many parts of the world, walnuts and honey are part of special ceremonies like weddings, birthdays etc. But, did you know that walnuts and honey are actually a really powerful healing combination?

Walnut itself is a fruit that is very beneficial for our health and honey can improve its healing properties. Some nutritionists compare these two tasty ingredients to an old couple where partners complement each other. Walnuts and honey can provide almost all the necessary minerals and vitamins to our body.

The health benefits of walnuts and honey

We will present simple recipes for a number of medicinal remedies whose main ingredients are walnuts and honey. You will probably never find a tastier natural cure.


Take one pound of ground walnuts and juice made of one lemon and put them in one pound of honey. Mix all the ingredients and take one tablespoon of this mixture three times a day. The symptoms of anemia will start to fade after only one week.

Walnuts and Honey – A Delicious Natural Remedy


In order to get rid of ulcers use homemade walnut milk which you can prepare in a very simple way. Mix finely ground walnuts with hot water in a blender until you get a milk mixture (you can strain it although it is not necessary). Add two tablespoons of honey in the freshly prepared homemade walnut milk and drink three tablespoons of this interesting milk before each meal.

High blood pressure

In order to reduce high blood pressure in a completely natural way take 3,5 oz of honey and the same amount of walnuts on a daily basis for 45 days.

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