Take This 60 Second Test And See Whether You Are Healthy!

With the help of these 6 short tests, you can check the signals that your body sends. After you are done you will know whether you will need to visit your doctor’s office.

It takes very little time to determine the state of your health. Simply follow these instructions and prevent the development of many illnesses and diseases.

  1. Sclera (the white of the eye)

Stand in front of a mirror and take a closer look at your own eyes. If the white of the eye has turned a little bit yellowish it is possible that you are spending too much time exposed to sun rays without protection. If this yellow color doesn’t go away after a longer period of time, visit the doctor’s office in order to exclude any liver problems. On the other hand, red eyes can be a symptom of many problems – from infections to allergies. It is important to understand the difference between short-term redness usually induced by irritation or spending too much time in front of the computer and long-term redness that can often be associated with allergies and infections.

  1. Waist

It is a well-known fact that obesity and overweight in specific body parts can be very dangerous. People with extra pounds on their waist have more chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Measure your waist and in case it is wider than 35 inches (90 cm) in men and 31 inches (80 cm) in women, this means that it is the right time for exercise and proper diet.

Woman Examining Herself In Front Of Mirror

  1. Stamina

Lack of physical activity can harm the body and it can trigger the development of various diseases in the long run. You can test your stamina and strength in a very simple way. Use the stairs to get to the second floor of your building or house. If you are sweating, losing breath and feel exhausted this mean that you are out of shape. This also means that you may have problems with the thyroid. As previously mentioned, people who have more pounds in their waist and not in their thighs and buttocks, have more chances of developing diabetes and heart disease.

  1. Moles

It is very important to monitor the situation with your moles especially the ones that are bigger and more visible. It doesn’t take much time before you check your entire body. Stand in front of the mirror and check all the moles. Changes in the moles, itching, redness, bleeding and growth are usually harmless, but they can also be a warning sign for more serious problems. If you notice any of these changes make sure to consult a dermatologist. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day can help your skin and body.

  1. Skin

Dry skin can be a very unpleasant problem, but it can also be viewed as a sign that your body lacks something. Test your skin by scratching your skin with the fingernail in the area of the forearm. If you notice residues from your skin under the fingernails or if the scratching is clearly visible this means that your skin needs hydration from the inside too.

  1. Urine and stool

When you are done with this activity, look at the toilet bowl because this is another way to learn more about your current health condition. Healthy urine is clear and comes in bright yellow color. Dark and blurry urine is a sign that you don’t consume enough water. If you notice blood in your urine you are probably dealing with an inflammation of the kidneys or urinary infection. This is the time to visit your doctor. If you consume food rich in iron like spinach and blueberries, your stool may appear darker. However, if you are not consuming this type of food and your stool is very dark or even black it is the best idea to visit your doctor. You may have hemorrhoids or polyps that need to be cured and removed.

Perform this 60 second test every month, but don’t forget your regular medical check-ups!


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