Scientists Claim – Having 3 Meals a Day can actually harm our Health

Skipping meals can bring more benefits to our health in general compared to practicing conventional eating habits, some scientists claim.

Scientists Claim - 3 Meals a Day can actually harm our Health

According to journalist Kiera Butler and historian Abigail Carroll, this system of nutrition was invented in Europe and it was forcefully introduced to indigenous people around the world. Before getting in touch with European civilization and eating habits, the frequency of eating was depending on the period of the year and it included fasting.

Butler and Carroll suggest that there is no scientific evidence to confirm the health benefits of practicing this 3-meal regime and the breakfast that is supposed to be the most important meal during the day is the best way for customer manipulation by the big companies producing cereals and juices.

Although this sounds like some conspiracy theory, they support their claims with the results from a research conducted by the scientific department from the University of Alabama in which the daily calorie intake remains unaffected after skipping breakfast. In addition, a study conducted on mice, published in the reputable Cell Metabolism magazine, has also shown that the individuals that had only two meals a day (about 9 AM and about 5 PM) are way healthier and have balanced weight compared to those that had three meals a day.

Despite the fact that fasting is perceived as something wrong and bad these days, according to many scientists, this form of dieting has beneficial influence to the body – it leads to weight loss, reduces blood pressure and expands life expectancy.

With the help of fasting, the body is encouraged to use the reserves in the form of sugars and fat and also eliminates used and damaged cells which stimulated the immune system to regenerate cells. This is definitely something that is worth trying after you consult your doctor about your current health.


via Daily Mail

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