Pumpkin Seeds – Much More Than A Snack

Pumpkin seeds are a favorite pastime along with beer and movies for many people. But they are much more than a simple snack. That’s why we have decided to reveal some of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds.

We are pretty sure that once you read about some of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, the next time you will eat them with a lot more respect.

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of an amino acid called tryptophan which converts serotonin in the body and directly influences the quality of sleep. Feel free to nibble pumpkin seeds before bedtime in order to make sure that you will sleep tight.

In addition, these seeds will help you relax and get rid of stress because they contain large quantities of magnesium. In addition to its relaxing effects, magnesium is vital for heart health.

Pumpkin seeds are very easy to digest and they are also packed with healthy nutrients. They are ideal for a quick snack during the day because they stabilize blood sugar levels which mean faster weight loss in case you are trying to lose weight.

Pumpkin seed oil is a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and it is scientifically proven that this oil supports healing of enlarged prostate and prevents its occurrence. They are also very good for men because of the large amounts of zinc they have.

Pumpkin Seeds – Much More Than A Snack

Some scientific studies have shown that eating pumpkin seeds has the same effects as indomethacin, a well-known drug given in cases of various inflammation, swelling and pain. The only difference is that pumpkin seeds don’t come with any side effects and they are completely natural.

Many nutritionists believe that the compound called phytosterol which is found in these seeds may help stabilize high cholesterol and just right after sunflower seeds and pistachios, pumpkin seeds have the highest amount of these sterols.

In order to get all the nutrients in the body through seeds, it is best to eat them raw or slightly baked in the oven. Bake them on heat that is not higher than 340 F for about 15 minutes.

Season them to taste and enjoy your healthy snack!

How to eat pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to soups, salads, sauces and you can use them to replace pine nuts in pesto.

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