Is Kefir Better Than Yogurt?

If you are accustomed to drinking yogurt with your morning meal, it would be a better idea to replace it kefir. And here’s why.

Kefir is an incredibly healthy drink, so it is no surprise why it is known as magic milk in many cultures. It is made of cow. Goat or sheep milk mixed with kefir grains and left to ferment. Kefir is packed with vitamins, healthy yeasts, probiotics, minerals and numerous nutrients. It can easily be consumed by people who are suffering from lactose intolerance. There are many reasons why kefir is better than yogurt and that why, you should at least temporarily replace yogurt with this drink.

What exactly are kefir grains?

They are a combination of yeast and specific bacteria, mixed with a variety of lipids, sugars and proteins, that form structures of healthy bacteria in fermented milk and that’s why kefir has a denser structure. Kefir has been used for more than 5.000 years. It has spread to Europe from China through the Caucasus.

Why is kefir so healthy?

Kefir has the ability to cleanse our body and digestive system, destroy the bad bacteria, control diabetes, improve the immune system and help people with lactose intolerance. It can be used by people who want to lose weight, improve their skin health and health of their hair.

Is Kefir Better Than Yogurt

Kefir is even better when it comes to digestion because it is rich in healthy probiotics that can remove bad bacteria in the intestines and help people absorb and process food in a better way. In addition, this drink contains dietary fiber and prevents constipation.

Diabetes patients and those suffering from lactose intolerance should consume kefir on a regular basis. Kefir contains sugars and bacteria that can consume lactose. The excessive amount of sugar is removed from the system before it begins to cause trouble in the blood. Those who consume kefir should remember that this drink literally cleans the body, so they will have to visit the toilet more frequently.

This drink is packed with vitamin C and useful minerals which mean that it is excellent for strengthening the immune system. It is also rich in protein and speeds up the metabolism. People who have problems with arteriosclerosis or those who had stroke or heart attack will find kefir very useful too. Finally, this drink can also accelerate wound healing and speed up recovery.

We hope that this article has answered the initial question which led to the creation of this article – is kefir better than yogurt?

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