How Does Milk Affect Our Health?

Did you know that milk is one of the best natural drinks that can help you improve health? So, forget about the expensive energy drinks that often come with side effects and use ordinary milk instead.

Many nutrients refer to milk as a natural wellness drink because it is packed with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and many other nutrients that positively affect the health of bones, teeth, muscles and blood vessels. What is even better, unlike energy drinks, milk is a completely natural product and we known where it comes from.

Nutrients in milk

According to many experts, milk is a natural drink that is rich in nutrients with a unique balance of carbohydrates and protein in addition to the aforementioned phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. In case you are avoiding fat because of certain health issues this doesn’t mean that you should forget about milk – simply use the one with smaller amounts of fat because these types milk provide necessary nutrients with a reduced number of calories. Milk naturally comes with a small amount of sodium and also contains potassium which is very important for healthy blood pressure.

Calcium for healthy blood and strong muscles

Besides bones, calcium can be found in muscles, blood and intercellular fluid too. Calcium is very important for proper blood circulation and muscle function. If you are suffering from calcium deficiency, the body will start using reserves from the bones in order to increase the level in the blood vessels.

How Does Milk Affect Our Health

Milk makes the bones stronger

According to many scientific studies, milk directly affects the strengthening of bones and teeth. Stronger bones mean fewer chances of fractures and lower risk of developing osteoporosis. Regular intake of sufficient amounts of calcium needs to start in the early childhood because infants are born with bones and as they grow their bones become stronger and more resistant thanks to calcium. However, after we reach 30 years, our body starts getting calcium from the bones in order to improve some other bodily functions and therefore it is crucial to bring a sufficient amount of calcium and milk can certainly help us with this task.

People who drink milk are slimmer

Those who drink milk on a regular basis have stronger bones and they also usually practice a healthier diet compared who those who avoid milk. Studies have shown that mothers who drink milk during pregnancy were more likely to have children who will like milk.

How much milk should we drink a day?

Although many nutritionists claim that we can’t go wrong if we drink milk all the time, it is recommended to take no more than 3 or 4 glasses a day. Three glasses of low-fat milk is enough to fulfill the recommended daily dose of calcium and about 2/3 of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. You should also keep in mind that a glass of milk has between 80 and 120 calories which provides a wide range of necessary nutrients and since it is made mostly of water (about 90%) it improves the hydration of the body too.

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