Here’s Why You Should Eat More Peppers

Summer is the period of the year when peppers are at their peak. Peppers are often mistaken for vegetables although they are technically fruits. What is known for sure is that they are very delicious, they can be prepared in many different ways and what is even more important is that they are packed with minerals and vitamins that we need in order to stay healthy.

All kinds of peppers are packed with vitamin A and C, folate, potassium and fiber and they don’t have many calories. They come in different colors and shapes and each of them is very healthy. It is best to consume them while they are still fresh, although canned, frozen and dried peppers can also be very helpful.

When it comes to colors, red peppers are known as the variety of peppers which is the richest in vitamins because it takes the longest period of time until they become ripe and they absorbs maximum sunlight. On the other hand, green peppers are harvested a little bit earlier before they become red or yellow and that’s probably why they have least nutrients.

Heres Why You Should Eat More Peppers

Preparation of peppers

When we talk about cooking, peppers are a very useful type of food – you can prepare them in hundreds of different ways. Of course, you can cook them or eat them raw too. Raw peppers can be chopped and added to cold sauces and pasta or vegetable salads.

Roasted peppers are certainly one of the favorite methods of preparation and a very simple one. Wash and dry the peppers and put them on the grill or in the oven until the crust becomes almost black. Afterward, place them in a plastic bag while they are still warm. After a short period of time, take them out of the bag, peel the skin, clean them from seeds and use your favorite dressing on top of the peppers. Many people advise using simple dressings like salt, garlic, vinegar, or olive oil.

You can fill the peppers with meat or vegetables and bake them in the oven to cook them together with a tasty tomato sauce.

Peppers for weight loss

Chili peppers contain a substance called capsaicin that has proven to suppress appetite and accelerate the metabolism which is probably the two most important factors that contribute to fast and natural weight loss. However, keep in mind that chili peppers are not some magic diet pills that will melt excess weight, but you can surely use them to speed up this process.

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