A Few Efficient Exercises You Can Do In Less Than 9 Minutes!

The lives of many modern people have turned into a continuous fight against time and it seems that physical activity is one of the casualties in this fight. Of course, we all know that physical activity is a key to good health. That’s why we have come up with few exercises that you can do in just 9 minutes or less. There is no room for excuses now – start exercising today!

It is hard to believe that there is a person who won’t be able to perform a 9-minute workout every day. Some of these exercises should become part of your daily routine if you want to improve the health of your heart and your overall health.

If you only have a minute of free time, don’t waste it – use it to activate the lower and upper body by skipping rope or performing jumping jack exercises.

In case you have four free minutes, then start walking fast. No matter how short the walk is because recent studies have shown that the intensity of exercise may be more important for cardiovascular health as well as for prevention of weight gain compared to the duration of exercises. Walking has to be so fast that you can pronounce words, but you won’t be able to put together a full sentence without taking a breath first.

A Few Efficient Exercises You Can Do In Less Than 9 Minutes!

You’ll be surprised to hear that you can perform a true small workout session in seven minutes. You can use the “Shape your body in 7 minutes” application on your smartphone or tablet in order to perform this training wherever you are.

Towel workout

In just nine minutes, you can also perform a complete training that consists of three exercises. As a prop, you can use a regular towel.

For starters, perform squats. Put a stretched towel between your hands. Your hands should be lifted high above your head and perform standard squats. Perform as many repetitions as you can.

Another exercise involves rolling the towel and placing it on the ground. After that, you can skip the towel from the sides with your feet together. Perform 20 reps.

The third exercise includes the so-called half- push-ups. Take a push-up position – keep your hands on the ground just below your shoulders. Your elbows should be bent and you should keep balance with the help of your hands and the tips of the toes. Your legs and back should be straight and the abdominal muscles contracted. Keep this position for about 5 seconds and after that, slowly lower your body to the floor. Rest briefly and repeat this exercise for four times.

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