6 Healthy Foods to Eat After Exercise

There are many people who exercise on a regular basis, but not all of them get the same results even if they perform the same exercises. People who have experience in this type of activity know how important it is to take care of the food we consume after a training class/session, but most of the people who are physically active don’t pay much attention to this fact.

6 Healthy Foods to Eat After Exercise

However, if you want to get the best results, you need to stick to certain meals that can recover your body after exercise. This is a shortlist of 6 healthy foods that people can consume after they are finished with their training.

  1. Greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Most people are unaware of the fact that there is about 14 grams of proteins and only 100 calories in one cup of Greek yogurt. This is an excellent choice for those who want to refresh after exercise.

  1. Turkey


Turkey is an excellent source of proteins. On the other hand proteins are vital for proper recovery after a long training session. The amount of protein intake is different and it depends on the physical characteristics of each individual, but on those days when you do certain cardio exercises like running, you need between 0.02 and 0.04 ounces of protein per pound of body weight, while on the days when you are practicing weight training you will need between 0.05 and 0.06 ounces.

  1. Watermelon


When the summer begins, most people enjoy this tasty and refreshing fruit that have the ability to rehydrate the body and provide the much needed nutrients. About 92% of watermelon is water and two slices of watermelon have only 80 calories. This is a light meal that will boost your health.

  1. Beet


This interesting-looking vegetable contains a red pigment called betacyanin. This pigment is an excellent antioxidant and it can help the process of transportation of oxygen to the muscles and eases cramps and tension in the muscles too at the same time. The red beet is useful in any form and as an addition to any food.

  1. Eggs


Eggs are packed with proteins and they are considered to be one of the best meals after exercise. The proteins from egg whites help muscle recovery and the yolk provides the necessary energy.

  1. Dried nuts and fruits

Dried Nuts and Fruits

In case you don’t have much time to prepare some complex meals and add the foods we’ve mentioned before, you can always try a powerful mixture of nuts and fruits. This simple solution can be placed in a small plastic bag which can be carried wherever you go – in your gym, in your local park or wherever you are exercising. The nuts contain proteins while the fruits will provide carbohydrates. This healthy combination will bring back your energy in no time.

Remember that the way you eat and the things you eat are some of the main factors that determine the success of your exercise routine.


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